venerdì 15 febbraio 2019

The Signs As Books


Aries: Dystopian teen novel, most likely a trilogy, almost completely Hunger Games based

Taurus: Teen spy story, about 6-7 books, popular with kids aged 12-14

Gemini: Cute story about animals, quite childish

Cancer: Totally badass action novel with three movie adaptations

Leo: Sexy, dark thriller with generic characters, trilogy with a prologue

Virgo: Mythological elements set in modern day, think Percy Jackson

Libra: Coffee shop dramatic novel, aesthetic, has that new book smell

Scorpio: Thriller drama with a not-so-happy-ending

Sagittarius: Sad love story, maybe 2 books, set in a small, often remote town

Capricorn: Psychological slice of life novel, cliffhanger ending with no further sequels

Aquarius: Awfully well written Fantasy with iconic characters, the first of its time

Pisces: Not very well known slice of life story, but once read is always a favourite

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