martedì 1 maggio 2018

thecornercoffeeshop: Stumbled into the most wonderful antique...


Stumbled into the most wonderful antique bookshop whilst on a solo trip around Vienna. This place wasn’t listed when I searched for bookstores in the area so I was pleasantly surprised to find it, and the moment I walked in I was instantly reminded of Aziraphale’s shop from Good Omens (that’s a Nail Gaiman book, for those who aren’t familiar). Dark wood shelves stuffed with leather bound volumes, pretty vintage paraphernalia strewn around, a wonderful old man who was kind enough to show me around… this place is an absolute dream to discover even if, like me, you can’t afford most of their rare collection.

Their selection of English books is pretty small, but I did end up picking up a copy on the personal life of Helen of Troy. If you’re a book lover and are visiting the city, I highly recommend dropping by Antiquariat Burgverlag. It’s an experience you won’t easily forget.

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