giovedì 30 maggio 2019

Don’t let writing become a chore


  • Learn how to take planned breaks 
  • Plan reward when you reach your goals
  • If goals are time framed based, make sure they’re realistic.  Nothing is more discouraging then thinking you’re failing
  • Engage with other writers who are positive and excited about their work. 
  • Read books in your genre of passion. Remind yourself why you’re writing one!
  • Have more than one project to jump to if one starts to get stuck. 
  • Make writing time special, with snacks, music, candles - things you ONLY let yourself have during writing time. 
  • If your schedule allows, try writing at the same time every day. If its a habit, you won’t drag your feet as much. 
  • Talk to other writers! Tell them why you write! Even if you just scream it into the void that is Tumblr, writing it down and putting it into words is a powerful reminder of why you want to complete this project. 

Add your own, because sometimes writing starts to feel bogged down to me too, and I could always use more help

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