domenica 31 dicembre 2017

Quick Writing Tip: Make a Note to Your Future Self in Your WIP


This one saves me on the regular. When you’re done with your writing session, make a note to yourself in your document about what you were working on and what you intend to do the next time you open your WIP. It helps if you make this note right at the spot you were working on, and another reminder at the top of the document. I like to change the font color and increase the size so I see it right away the next time I open my document.

You might not always go back to what you were working on before. But this trick can save you a lot of time reading through your WIP and trying to remember where you were going. Plus it can keep your WIP from becoming a giant mess of half-started ideas and editing tweaks.

Some examples of recent notes I’ve made to myself in my WIP:

  • “…working on adding more detail to the dormitory scene. Two more paragraphs to go… left off HERE.”
  • “…got confused about the layout of the house and stopped to make a map. Refer to map and finish editing this scene.”
  • “…changing scene from past to present tense… left off HERE”
  • “…finish writing the breakfast scene”

At the very least, making a note to yourself will give you a clear direction the next time you approach your WIP. If you choose not to follow it, that’s fine, but it’s nice to have the option, and it only takes a few seconds to jot down a reminder to yourself.

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